Writing Mentor

What I can do for you

As your writing mentor, I can offer critical and compassionate feedback on your fiction and nonfiction stories. I am skilled at helping with time management and developmental editing. This is all about what you need. If you prefer to communicate via phone or e-mail, we can do that, or if in-person is more your style, that is an option as well. Think of me as your accountability coach; I’ll keep you true to your goals, as long as you are willing to accept my help, and together we can build your story from basic idea to short story or book.


Time management:

  • Big goals = short-term goals
  • Deadlines
  • Accountability (reminders)

Developmental editing:

  • Plot points
  • Timeline
  • Character development
  • Story structure


I have a Master’s Degree in Creative Nonfiction, a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, and more than six years of critiquing fiction and nonfiction writing experience. I have taught Freshman Composition and Creative Writing, and I study and write a variety of fiction and nonfiction. I have written for several newspapers, and edited for Colorado Review and Circlet. I have had an essay published in Hinchas de Poesia.

Why I want to help you

I’m a writer too. I write to think, to discover, to breathe, and to share. I write flash fiction and short stories as well as essays and articles. I ask questions, interview strangers and friends, and structure stories in the best way to get my point across. I want to share my knowledge and experience with other writers, in the hope that we can bring beautiful and sometimes challenging stories out into the world.

I time everything I do from getting work done, to submitting, to how long I’m allowed to rest. For me, having an alarm works; I realize this might not be the case for everyone. But together, I believe we can find a way to make it work. Rewards, reminders, gentle deadlines before firm ones—writing is a tricky business, and we need to be tough on ourselves, but also compassionate. My goal is to help writers get to the point where they can really just sit down and write. And I’d also like to help with the sometimes difficult work of revising, structuring and submitting, if that is the writer’s goal.

Whom I can help

  • People who are struggling with:

    • Time management

    • Defining goals (and ways to reach those goals)

    • Story Discovery (“finding” your story)

    • Structure (of the work and your writing life)

    • Submitting your writing

    • Confidence in your work

If any of this sounds good to you, feel free to contact me via the Contact Form, or send me an e-mail at ArtemisSavory@gmail.com for a free fifteen-minute consultation about your writing and what you are looking for in a writing mentor.