Artemis Savory is a writer, an editor, and a teacher. She has over 20 years of experience writing articles and stories about a variety of subjects ranging from pet health to community college students, to travel, and more.

Artemis herself is as varied as her writing, and to some she is known as Alita Savory. She has six years of college and her Master’s Degree, as her father constantly points out, asking when she will stop this writing nonsense and do something practical for once.

She majored in writing at Northern Essex Community College, where she served on the staff for the literary magazine Parnassus, and became features editor for the school’s newspaper, the Observer.

She worked toward a bachelor’s degree in Journalism at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She wrote an honors thesis under well-known literary journalism expert Norman Sims. The work was a nonfiction narrative about a young mother trying to survive her teenage years in a group home, where Artemis taught the mothers Creative Writing for six months.

Artemis received her Master’s Degree in English from Colorado State University, where she specialized in Creative Nonfiction and wrote her as-yet unpublished memoir.While at CSU, she studied under the well-published magazine writer John Calderazzo, and her advisor was the brilliant E.J. Levy, author of fiction and nonfiction books. Many, many people have told her that she is too young to have a memoir, but she knows that if she doesn’t write today, she may never get to write tomorrow.

While at CSU, Artemis also taught Freshman Composition for two years, and struggled to offer her workshop peers the best feedback she could give them as they all wrote with passion and hard work.

Artemis spent a year editing essays at Colorado Review, and has worked with Circlet Press in the creation, submission gathering, and publication of two anthologies. She has also written articles for The Town Common, Shelburne Falls & West County Independent, and the Haverhill Gazette.

With her extensive experience writing, editing, and teaching, Artemis is seeking writers in need of a helping hand with time management, direction, or just compassionate feedback. Learn more under “Services” about what she has to offer as a Writing Mentor.



https://www.patreon.com/TheWanderingEditor. (Contains long-form essays and the editing path to final draft, articles about how to become a travel writer, and a photo and caption each month.)





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