The Marketplace: Variety without artificial flavoring

Usually the meat market will let you sample, but this one wouldn’t let us try anything.

With our tour guide we visit the fish market, an olive market, a meat market, and a cheese market. Although these places are fairly crowded, they aren’t overly so; I never feel at-risk with my bag against my chest. It doesn’t smell like toxicity. It smells like outdoor life, and is so much fresher than anything at our supermarkets back home.

Festival-Loving London Girl was psyched to bring home vacuum-sealed packets of olives. The diversity among olives was impressive, and we were allowed to try as many as we wanted.

The Festival-Loving London Girl buys vacuum-sealed packages of olives. I buy nothing. What can I bring home? I am on a six-month journey, so I can pack out very little.

Salted sunflower seeds, pistachios, beans and more, make for a lovely snack. And all are free to sample!

We try salted sunflower seeds: there are a dozen sunflower seed varieties. How much richer would our lives be back in the U.S. with choices like this? Instead of a marketing campaign of Cheetos and Oreos, we could just spice up some seeds and snack on these instead.

While exploring the markets, I caught sight of this guy. Can you spot him?

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