London Sculptures and Art

This is the London Sculptures section. Prepared to be uncomfortable, awed, and the like. I saw the giant horse head below as we were leaving Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park. I knew I had to get closer. This thing gave me chills, and one word sums it all up: Unnerving.

Horse head statue

Near the Marble Arch, a ragtag of magnificent elephant statues stands for this year, until it’s moved to it’s next home. Named “The Orphans,” it represents the poaching of mother elephants in the wild for their tusks, and the  many, many orphans that are left behind to fend for themselves. It’s very sad. But I loved these statues. The political thing that happened here is that when I read the numbers of elephants killed every year, and I asked my German friend how they must get that info., and she said, “Oh, I’m sure they just use the number to make people think.” And all I could say was, “I’m sure they didn’t make it up. But I want to know how they got the number.” It was a weird moment where I should have just kept quiet, but I find that difficult. As a journalist, I always want to know the how and why, not just the what.

The Orphans

The Sam Wanamaker Gate was impressive. It’s got dozens of smaller sculptures throughout–dragons, flowers, grapes. I loved this gate. I know nothing about it. The issue with flitting through cities without in-depth tours or lots of reading is that you lose the meaning of things, and don’t get to learn the history of specific items. This is one of those. Feel free to share whatever you might know about any of these sculptures in the Comments section below.

Sam Wanamaker Gate 2

The Shakespeare mural below isn’t a sculpture, but I don’t have much art that isn’t sculpture, so I’m dumping it into this section. It was pretty cool, and I’m posting it for friends who want to see. It’s near Pickford Wharf and on the way to (or from) Tower Bridge.

Shakespeare Wall

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