London Architecture

Tower Bridge is pretty epic. I won’t lie–this place is very much as cool as it looks. Walk across this bridge. Get pictures from every angle. Everyone else is. It’s so pretty. On the other side of the bridge is Tower of London, which looks like it’s probably worth going inside, but I only saw the outside. It’s huge.

Tower Bridge 2

See the Gherkin below. What is a Gherkin, you ask? It’s what Londoner’s call a pickle. It’s the building that looks like a pickle. This is for those who think it’s cool. It’s meh to me, but here you go!

For those who like pickles

Below is the view of the river and city from Tower Bridge. London is quite modern. It’s strange to walk through historic areas with amazing ruins and also be surrounded by their financial district; to have a mix of tourists and men in suits and women in high heels speed-walking from building to building at lunch time. Also, this is the Thames, which is pronounced differently than I expected; I believe they pronounced it like “Times.”

So modern London

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