India House Hostel

I keep writing and writing and writing and hoping that maybe I’ll pitch this stuff somewhere…and never do. So this one is for you guys! Here’s my attempt at travel writing. This is a 150-word description of a place you can visit if it sounds like your jam.


For hipster travelers hyped for the US’s sin city of Cajun culture, the India House Hostel is the premier stay in New Orleans. From its mellow common rooms and shared refrigerators, to tricks like quarters glued to the floor, and uncommon scenes painted across the walls, this is the explorer’s dream. This is the place for sharing stories with other travelers, picking up dancing and drinking buddies, and chilling by the pool during hangover mornings. You can opt for a reasonable stay in the shared common areas as you would in any ordinary hostel, or you can splurge a little for a room of your own, and even a personal bathroom, for far less than you would at any classy hotel. With air conditioning, splashes of color, and plenty of clean bedding, activities, and low-cost meals, why not check out this festive hostel and all it has to offer?


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