Persistence Pays off

Persistence 1Mid-summer I had a career crisis: I had found a career coach and was focused primarily on making a living through writing content.

Then I spoke with someone who told me that I should go back to school for an MFA to earn the terminal degree in my field so that I can someday teach students who are actually interested in learning writing.

Another friend suggested that maybe I’d want to work for someone else, since I have such a difficult time deciding what to do.

And a third friend suggested that I go out and try writing the kind of content that I’m trying to break into. “Go into the store and write some blog posts. Figure out whether or not you like it.” She also suggested that I might work for someone else in order to learn more while still making an income.

Each person has their own kind of advice, based on their own experiences. I personally can connect best with this third friend who suggested that I go ahead and try it out, and start looking for gigs, because why ever not? If what I’ve been told by many freelance and fiction writers is true, persistence is almost more important than any other skill when it comes to writing success. Sure, writing amounts to some of it, but persistence is what gets you noticed.

This is true of many things, if not all. What goal do you have? What could you do to persist in your attainment of that goal? Even if it requires going back to school, or finding relevant experience, or just making the right friends, persistence can be a great asset. Make a plan, and once you’re ready, go for it.

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