Finding the Story (Road trip Adventures)

Devil’s Tower in Wyoming is very cool, an easy hike, and a massive climb if you dare to scale that thing.

My travels happen primarily by car.

On one road trip I met a man who walked from Seattle to San Francisco.

I have read a book written by a young man who hiked across the country for a year, asking people for advice.

I know a woman who biked 2,000 miles across our country in order to decide whether or not to stay with her boyfriend, whom she’d been with for several years.

The crazy things we do usually have a reason behind them. But that’s because we give them reason. Writing and stories are all about finding the meaning. That’s what a narrative is!

Arches National Park in Utah. Lovely, nonstop picture-taking opportunities.

In the summer of 2011 I escaped Massachusetts and my then boyfriend to work in Idaho and to discover myself. In 2018 my now-boyfriend and I drove for two weeks across the country, visiting the Poe Museum in Virginia, South of the Border in South Carolina, rest stops across Texas, Arches National Park in Utah, and a western tourist trap in South Dakota. Our purpose was to visit places. But my higher purpose was to find out if we could travel together without killing one another, and we made it home alive. The meaning was clear: we could travel together.

It’s possible that you know right away the purpose for your adventure, whether it’s to escape, to discover, or to renew. But it’s also possible that given time and distance, you’ll find an even greater meaning. So step back, give your experiences some space, and then sit down to find the story.

Somewhere in the middle of Utah. Desolate, terrifying, and beautiful.


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