I am a Traveler

Azores Sao MIguel Landscape
Taken from the top of Sete Cidades on Sao Miguel in the Azores

I found a coach a couple of months ago. I wasn’t sure why it was entirely necessary, especially since I already know what I want and I’ve got it all together, right? All I knew was that I had quit my full time job almost two years earlier to teach and make money writing freelance, and I had made barely over $2,000 freelancing, with no current projects to speak of. So I knew that I needed some help. The first couple of talks were inspirational, but I didn’t feel like I had learned anything new.

Then, in August during our monthly call, my coach asked me what I do. I told her some things: “I talk to people. I like to connect people. I check out new places and write about those places. I ask questions…”

She said, “You’re a traveler.”

Azores Ruins
I explored these ruins while my boyfriend took pictures of the trees across the street (I believe this was on Pico Island in the Azores)

And suddenly everything started clicking into place, in this wild and incredible way that almost brings me to tears every time I think about it—I’m not just a writer. I am also a dancer, a climber, a hiker, and a storyteller. And traveler encompasses all of those things. My coach told me to stay inside my tribe, and to only tell my exciting ideas to those who get it, and avoid anyone who doesn’t, or at least not tell them about the things I love when those people only want to tell me why I’m wrong.

With the freedom of discovering myself as a traveler, I made a list of some traditional (old-school) traveling talents/skills and some newer ones, just for fun, to see what I can do, and what creates me and those I love being around:

Write Record and retell stories Kayak/boat
Tell stories Take pictures Explore
Sing Record voice Ask questions
Sketch/paint Record video Take notes
Dance Climb Learn languages
Guide (Tour, hiking) Run Share what you’ve learned
Teach Bike Swim

The beauty of being a traveler (as opposed to just a writer, or just a content creator) is that this one thing can encompass all of my selves as one being: a person comprised of many different interests, any of which might earn my income, instead of narrowing my whole career to only one skill.

Azores Dragon Trees
Majestic Dragon Trees on Pico Island, Azores

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