How I Get Things Done

How I get things doneA few months ago I told my mom that I was thinking about taking some time off from T.V. “Why do you need to do that?” She asked. “Just stop watching it when you’re done.”

Some people are able to read, do homework, and scroll Facebook while watching their shows. I’m not one of them. When I sit down on the couch and decide to watch something, that show receives my undivided attention, and with modern technology, binging can lead to piles of ungraded papers or unwritten essays.

Last week I decided to get rid of T.V. for Lent. Not because I’m religious, but because I know that keeping myself from shows will force me to remember who I used to be: the girl who watched an episode or two on her laptop and spent the rest of the night reading and exercising. I have some qualifiers, though.

  1. I can watch whatever I want on the weekend, as long as it’s only for a few hours. (Hence last weekend I watched A Star is Born, and my real namesake, Alita: Battle Angel.)
  2. During the week I am ONLY allowed to watch documentaries. I really hate documentaries.

So what have I been doing instead? Well. I did Yoga yesterday and the day before. I’ve been reading a ton (Leading the Unleadable, Desert Solitaire, Black Like Me, and How to Win Friends and Influence People.) Today I went for an hour-long hike instead of coming home and crashing on the couch in front of something silly like Tidelands. When I did get home I spent another hour revising an essay for my someday-second-book, a memoir about all the jobs I’ve worked.

If you know that you need to do something, then do it. Collect all the feedback you want, but in the end it’s your life and your choice. Take control!

One thought on “How I Get Things Done

  1. Ditching TV is how I found the time to write books. I’m glad you’re trying it.

    I’m skipping Magicians (the only show I watch) this week because yesterday I had too much of a head ache to write and watched a movie.

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