Color-Coded Planner Critique

img_2794Get ready for Planner Geek-out! I bought a $30 planner from Staples today. This is appalling as well as thrilling, because I am really good at thinking about what else that money could buy: a week’s worth of groceries; a pair of brand new jeans; fill my gas tank; and more. But my mom reminded me that I’ll use this planner for the whole year, and it can keep me organized, so I went for it. The woman at the register swiped a $10 off coupon for me, and I signed up for rewards because I’m a teacher, so I feel like this is my late Christmas present to myself. And I am psyched. After all, I have to keep track of my classes (two so far), magazine submissions, book proposals and my new part-time job at Title Boxing in North Andover

Unfortunately, I am incredibly detail-oriented, so while flipping through my brand-new, very cool planner, I found an error: Let’s see if you can identify it too. Look closely at the pictures below and see if you can find any discrepancies. 

Here’s the monthly section:


Here’s the Weekly Breakdown:


Did you find it? The days of the week are color-coded, which is awesome, right? Except… the days of the month don’t match the days of the week. In the monthly overview Sunday is black, Monday is dark teal, and Tuesday is light blue, whereas in the weekly review, Sunday is dark pink, Monday is black, Tuesday is dark teal, and so on. I’m not trying to be picky, but if you’re going to sell a planner for $30 at Staples, when someone could technically get for a couple of dollars at Wal Mart, then shouldn’t the colors match up? I can’t help it. This is my first-world gripe of the day. I still love the planner, and I don’t care much about colors, I just think it’s funny that they made this kind of mistake. I better make sure the dates are accurate…

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