Friends, not Enemies

Artists need to work together and help each other, just as Denise teaches the disparate shop owners to do in The Paradise. The show is set during the mid 1800s, and focuses on the first English Department store, The Paradise. It rises from a small shop into the magnificent Paradise, and the new shopgirl Denise starts making changes because she can’t help but see new ways of doing things, and new ideas to draw in customers.

[SPOILER!] But at one point she’s thrown out of The Paradise and works along the shopkeepers across the street who struggle to compete with the department store. She tells the shopkeepers that if they join together and offer deals between all of them—the hat-maker, the dress-maker, the cobbler—then they can be just as competitive as The Paradise.

At the Montague Bookmill in Montague, Ma. the store offers a cafe, used books, an art studio and gallery, a record store, and a full restaurant. This is an example of artists working together! 

Most of the artists I’ve met have been optimistic, driven and helpful. A friend at school who writes Scifi and has been published in Asimov is married to a magazine writer and blogger who told me I can ask her questions at any time. My good friend Sara Codair is always telling me about the dozens of queries she sends out every week, and how I can make mine stronger when I start querying my own books. But there have been a couple of artists who get disgruntled and start looking at other artists as competition. I urge you to work together, help each other out, and continue to work toward your goals. If we work together we can make things happen, but if we fight then the problems will only escalate. Also, if you haven’t seen The Paradise, and you’re interested in art, marketing, and historical shows, you should check it out.

What have other artists helped you with? How do you put yourself out there and offer answers to problems?



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